Savvy Technologists. Lightning-fast deployments.

Advanced Mission Critical

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Our customers get extraordinarily fast deployment of IT networking infrastructure for the lowest possible TCO

We manage teams that bring together top professionals from more than 60 partner organizations to build rock solid networking infrastructure for faster and more cost-effective deployments than if you’d engaged the largest contracting firms.

We serve leading organizations throughout a broad range of industries with the most complex requirements.

  • Global telecommunications providers
  • Large power generation companies, power distribution firms
  • Sophisticated network support labs
  • Large public utilities
  • Petrochemical campuses
  • Mobile device product development labs
  • Large data center providers
  • Enterprise campuses
  • Large public sector entities
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TelecomPlus: two decades of experience building complex networking infrastructure

  • We listen carefully and raise the bar for excellence with each engagement
  • We possess domain-specific expertise across a broad range of industries
  • We accelerate all aspects of a project, from project definition, to budgeting, to proposals to design, mobilization, and implementation
  • We deliver the ultimate in customer service through design, installation, operations, and maintenance support
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Who are we?

Savvy Technologists. Lightning-fast deployments

TelecomPlus has had more than 20 years of experience designing and building large-scale, comprehensive networking infrastructure solutions for leading industrial companies and enterprises across a broad range of industry segments.

Renowned for its deep technical expertise, creative thinking, and ability to bring projects in quickly and under budget, TelecomPlus enables organizations to speed products and services to market while reducing the TCO of their IT infrastructures.

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